Welcome to TechEvents.Wales!

Welcome to TechEvents.Wales, a site dedicated to – yep, you guessed it – tech events in Wales.

Years ago we (Computer Recruiter) published a list and calendar of all the tech events in the South Wales area in January 2015, which was a big hit (at the time, obviously). We’ve continued this trend by regularly retweeting updates and news of upcoming tech events in the area. We love supporting local event organisers and wondered: what else can we do…?

The idea for this site originally was simply to collate all the tech events/meetups/conferences in South Wales and publish them as a calendar on the homepage, but then we realised we could take it further… The site’s blog will feature:

  • Writeups, reviews and people’s experiences of tech events in the South Wales area
  • Interviews with event organisers
  • Guest posts from event organisers and others
  • Advice on running events, meetups, etc. from those who have been-there-and-done-it
  • Statistics and analysis of local events (e.g. types of audiences, types of speakers, etc.)
  • A whole bunch of other stuff we probably haven’t even considered yet!

If you’d like to contribute a guest post then take a look at the Write For Us page and check the criteria/guidelines before getting in touch.

If you have any suggestions of content we can publish then let us know.