Speaker Gender Divide in South Wales Tech Meetups 2017

Lack of women speakers at events is an important topic at the moment – not just in Cardiff/South Wales but worldwide. Recently I had the idea to look at the speaker gender divide of all the tech/digital meetups in South Wales that I could find which took place in 2017. Thankfully, with many of them hosting their meetups on sites like Meetup.com or Eventbrite, which don’t remove the info of past events, I was able to dig through their event archives and get a good idea of how the events’ speakers were advertised.

The data

2017 Prisma PieAltogether I looked at 136 events run by 22 different meetup organisations during 2017. Topics ranged from software development, cyber security and agile, all the way through to tech startups, blogging and SEO.

My goal here isn’t to point fingers or name and shame individual organisations. Therefore I’ll be keeping the names anonymous (sorry). The goal is to look at the wider industry/scene as a whole.

The result: out of the 173 speakers who spoke at those events last year, only 28 were women, compared to 145 male speakers. That’s 16% vs. 84%. Ouch… 😔
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