About & FAQ

About TechEvents.Wales

TechEvents.Wales is a mini-site dedicated to showcasing all the digital/tech meetups and conferences in the South Wales area.* Our homepage shows a list of all the upcoming events in the region, while the blog contains posts including interviews with local event organisers, reviews of local events and commentary pieces about the scene as a whole.

Originally starting out as a mini-site belonging to Computer Recruiter, a South Wales-based IT recruitment agency, the site was created by their son – Steve Morgan of Morgan Online Marketing – on their behalf. When Computer Recruiter shut shop in late 2018 following the owners’ retirement, Steve took over the running of the site of his own accord.

* We have plans to cover the whole of Wales in the future. Stay tuned!


How does the calendar work?

It’s generated via a WordPress plugin that pulls event data from Meetup.com, Eventbrite and Facebook via their APIs. It checks for new events once a week (usually around Mondays) but it doesn’t automatically update the info on events that have already been uploaded – more info on that below…

Can you list my event(s)?

I’ve tried my best to add all the events that I can think of at the moment, but I might’ve missed one and/or a new one might’ve just launched. If you’d like to be considered then please contact me and I’ll add you if you fit the criteria. The plugin only supports Meetup, Eventbrite, Facebook and iCal at present, so if your event isn’t listed on these platforms then I may not be able to add it – sorry (more info below though).

Can you list my event(s) if they’re not listed on Meetup/Eventbrite/Facebook?

I can add events manually, but it’s more time-consuming. If it’s a one-off event (like an annual conference) then that’s fine, but I’m going to struggle if it’s weekly/fortnightly meetup, as I’d have to add every single one separately. Let me know and I’ll see what I can do.

I’ve changed platforms (e.g. my events were hosted on Meetup, but they’re hosted somewhere else now)!

No worries! Let me know and I’ll sort it out accordingly (if possible).

My event is listed but the info is wrong… Can you update it?

Sure! Contact me to let me know and I’ll force the plugin to retrieve the change in info (e.g. if you’ve changed the date and/or venue on Eventbrite/Meetup/Facebook since it was added to this site).

You usually list my events but one or some are missing… Can you add it?

The plugin pulls in new events on a weekly basis – usually on Mondays. So if you’ve only just ‘announced’ your next event and it’s happening in the next few days then it may not get picked up by the plugin in time. If that’s the case, message me (or tweet me if urgent) and I’ll give the plugin a nudge to retrieve and publish the info ASAP.

Can I send you a better version of the logo?

Yes please! The plugin pulls in image(s) from events listed on Eventbrite, but not from Meetup, so I’m manually adding the logo in those cases (the same goes for manually-added events)… If you have a better version I can use then please contact me and I can sort it out.

Can you remove my event(s) please?

Of course – just say the word and it’ll be done.

Who’s included so far?

Here’s our list of automatically-added events via Meetup and Eventbrite (and some added manually):

Can I write for the blog?

Sure! Find out more on the Write For Us page!

Have a question that isn’t covered above? Feel free to contact me and I’ll help however I can.